Advisory by BIMCO on Indian Ocean Threat Assessment


BIMCO issued a security advisory on 13 June 2016, wishing to clarify some points on the Industry Releasable Piracy Threat Assessment off Somalia releasedto the Shipping Industry in March 2016 by EUNAVFOR – Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and NATO. As BIMCO mentions, although the industry reduced the High Risk Area on 1 Dec 2015 and although there have been no successful attacks for some time, the threat assessment does not indicate that Piracy off the coast of Somalia has been eliminated and will not start again. On the contrary, the assessment stresses that many of the conditions ashore that were present at the start and peak of Somali piracy still remain, allowing pirates to act with impunity in certain areas … Continue reading

Yemen bans entry to territorial waters

April 2015 – Navigation in Yemen’s territorial waters has been banned from 12 April 2015 and ships are not allowed into Yemen unless inspected and approval by the Saudi-led coalition forces, as BIMCO passed in a security advisory. The ban started after the Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs delegated the coalition forces to implement it. In a statement signed by the Foreign Minister Riyadh Yassin, it is stated that “Yemen has banned entry into the territorial waters and has authorized coalition countries to implement the decision, adding that the ban has been imposed on the country’s maritime zones”. The term “maritime zones” was not clearly defined in the statement though and clarification should be sought from port agents and P&I … Continue reading

Kenya strikes Somalia Al-Shabaab camps

kenya strikes al shabaab

April 2015 – Kenya’s air force launched strikes in Somalia on 5 April 2015,  that reportedly destroyed two camps linked to the Islamist militant group al Shabaab, Kenyan military officials said on Monday April 6th. This is the first round of military action to follow the massacre at Garissa University College last week that left 148 people dead. The airstrikes occurred Sunday April 5th afternoon and Monday April 6th morning in the Gedo region, just across the border in southern Somalia. According to Reuters, Kenyan army spokesman David Obonyo declared that the mission was part of ongoing attempts to stop the al Qaeda-linked militant group from waging attacks on the Kenyan side of the border. “The bombings are part of the continued … Continue reading

126 Somali pirates convicted in the past four years

Pirates prosecuted

March 2015 – British prosecutors have worked with their counterparts in the Seychelles to convict 126 Somali pirates in the last four years, while with the measures taken we have nearly two years without a reported commercial hijacking off the Horn of Africa. Attacks are at their lowest level since 2006. The region, which contains one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, has been suffering regular attacks from pirates since 2005, with the number of hijackings peaking at 52 in 2009. As part of the total efforts to tackle piracy in the region, British prosecutors have been based in the Seychelles since 2010. All were funded by the UN and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and in that … Continue reading

Check your PMSC Weapons’ Licenses


January 2015 – BIMCO issued a security advisory on 20 Jan 2015 in which states that has recently received reports that a small minority of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) may be operating contrary to the provisions of GUARDCON. These companies are leasing or renting out their weapons to other PMSCs. Those renting/leasing from third parties without having in place the required licences and permits issued by state authorities to control the handling and movement of weapons are likely to be in breach of the original “end user” licences and therefore operating illegally.   PMSCs who engage in this practice are potentially in breach of their obligations under Clause 10 (Permits and Licences) of GUARDCON. Those PMSCs renting/leasing out the weapons are potentially in … Continue reading

AMISOM Mogadishu Base under attack from Al Shabaab

December 2014 – The African Union’s main base in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, was attacked by gunmen on Thursday 25 December, leading to a further exchange of gunfire between armed men and soldiers which resulted in nine people killed. Among the dead in Thursday’s attack were three AU soldiers and one civilians, the AU mission –  known as AMISOM – said in a statement . At least five of the attackers were reported killed and three others were captured. The African Union has about 22,000 troops in the country – from Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti – to help the government battle al-Shabab. Al-Shabab confirmed it had launched an attack on the base. Spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab said … Continue reading