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In a fast changing world, in which new needs emerge every day, competent people with pioneering ideas pursue new paths to cover these needs. Shipping, with its global range of activities, has been suffering over the past years from piracy incidents which threaten the well being of crews, the safety of vessels and cargoes, incurring financial losses, and ultimately downgrading the marine environment through inevitable pollution.

United Guards is an innovative venture aiming to attain a leading position in the market of specialized security services to the maritime community across the globe.

We believe in offering only the best quality security services to our clients, respecting at the same time the human rights of all persons involved, the rules of national and international laws, and the marine environment.

Under the robust and enthusiastic management of an experienced team of Directors and Advisors, with plethora of proven, unrivaled expertise and with our cohesive, global partnerships’ network, we are capable to offer a wide range of top quality, reliable Maritime Security Services· from proactive, professional anti-piracy operations and infrastructure security, to tailor-made consulting and training. Always at a guaranteed level of excellence.

We, at United Guards, pride ourselves for our individually, tailored approach to each customer and every task and mission assigned, through discreet professional and moral support, under our strong code of conduct and with the unparalleled ethos of our people.

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