Super-Yachts Security

The very nature of Super Yachts is always of premium concern to their owners, as these luxurious assets attract attention wherever they berth. This concern becomes even deeper in present times, due to the increased threat posed by terrorism and piracy in our uncertain and threatened maritime environment.

To cope with this continuous seaborne threat facing contemporary mariners, United Guards offers a wide range of personalized services to the private yacht industry ensuring safe passage when transiting vulnerable areas.

Our specialized maritime security team has all the qualifications to effectively shield your property against the various piracy threats by providing a complete package covering all aspects of yacht and individual security of high net worth.

United Guards Consultants can provide the following services in this area:

  • Threat assessment of vessel’s planned itinerary
  • Security Advice – Physical / Technical
  • Advanced Medical Response
  • Close Protection – of guests on board
  • Personal protection
  • Piracy protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Access control measures

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