We, at United Guards, strongly believe in training, and in fact continuous training, as one of the most critical factors in achieving safe and secure operations of vessels.

UGS training methodology for security operators incorporates a comprehensive approach consisting of land based – in our own Training Centre – and on board, initial and enhanced refreshment training courses. 

Furthermore, we have carefully prepared, organized and offer tailor-made maritime security advisory & training [2-3 days courses]  on board your vessels anywhere in the globe, as well as unique workshops and seminars in our Training Centre Facilities. 

UGS Enhanced Refreshment Course (UGS-ERC) - for UGS Team Leaders | 2Days

There is always the requirement to ensure that all UGS Security Team Leaders receive at least annually (once per year) updated and enhanced refreshment training on specific qualifications and recent operational and tactical updates.

This also provides an opportunity to allow them to be always properly informed on all operational areas and ensures a greater level of conformity, commonality and wider understanding across all UGS operators.

UGS will always act as deemed necessary to keep its consultants abreast of what is happening regarding maritime security worldwide and especially within the operational areas of Indian Ocean, West Africa and Asia, so they remain at all times competent for the tasks assigned.

UGS Enhanced Refreshment Course (UGS-ERC) – for UGS Team Members | 2Days

Our Team Members also receive an operational enhanced refreshment course, as well as updates to UGS standard operating procedures (SOP), which are always and dynamically improving and evolve, short or long term.

An annual update on HSSE and Firearms Competency is also passed, covering any security related activities – both onboard vessels and shore based – which includes all aspects, from threat / risk assessment to actual tactics and lessons learned.

A check / written test also takes place on all qualifications, thus maintaining the required up to date, high level operational status.

UGS Basic Maritime Security Course (UGS-MSC) | 3 Days

This Course is designed for new security operators and the aim is to provide specialized and substantial maritime security training to anyone interested, delivering a 3 days complete Training Course for the trainee to become a qualified armed guard / security operator in the maritime domain.

More specifically this Course includes:

  • Delivery of BMP / IMO guidelines, anti-piracy training and briefings
  • Watch Duties / Procedures / SOPs in operations and proper reactions to various situations
  • Legal aspects of Maritime Security / Rules for the Use of Force
  • Crisis management
  • Information analysis and reporting
  • Operational documentation according to ISO 28007 and SOP
  • Threat – Risk Analysis / Assessment and intelligence information gathering
  • Firearms Competence Course (FCC) including among others: Familiarization / Safety / Handling / Sighting / Tactics / Laws and Regulations / SUA Convention and 2005 Protocol – The Montreux Document – International Code of Conduct for PSSP – IMO MSC.1 Circ. 1405 Rev.2 / Rules for the Use of Force / BIMCO-GUARDCON requirements

A written test as well as a full assessment takes place at the end of all UGS Training Courses and a Certificate of Attendance is awarded.

UGS Maritime Security Training & Informational Series_Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars for shipping industry Executives

In order for Shipping companies’ executives (OPS, DPA, CSO) to become fully aware – and keep updated – of the maritime security environment nowadays and to efficiently protect their crews, vessels and cargos, UGS has carefully prepared, organized and offers bespoke maritime security training courses, workshops and seminars.

These unique UGS Training and Informational Series are conducted by internationally recognized Lecturers and certified Trainers, in UGS Piraeus Training Facilities and onsite if asked.

We are aware of the fact that maritime security environment continuously evolves, so we also prepare and offer tailor made advisory and training, according to your specific needs and requirements. These include training / informational courses regarding:

  • Situational awareness and Security Assurance Training
  • Regional information updates (Somalia, Indian Ocean, West Africa, Asia)
  • Threat / Risk Analysis, Assessment and Mitigation
  • Operations against Piracy and Armed Robbery at sea
  • Port / Infrastructure / Facilities security training
  • Cruise Ships security
  • Oil and Gas Off shore installations security
  • Counter terrorism in the maritime environment

UGS Onboard Vessels Maritime Security Training for Masters and Crews

Masters and crews should be at all times fully aware of the risks involved during their passages from piracy High Risk Areas. They should be aware and prepared to avoid and deter attacks by pirates and armed robbers at sea or in port / anchor and effectively defend and protect themselves, the vessel and cargo.

They also have to keep continuously updated on the maritime security environment and issues, thus being capable of applying all adequate security measures in everyday operations.

This is why UGS has prepared a special ON BOARD training proposal, with maritime security / anti piracy courses, by a certified Trainer / Security Team Leader. The Courses are mainly based in ISPS Code, BMP-4 and IMO relevant Circulars and Model 3.23, but additionally include most valuable lessons learned and experience acquired from the field of operations.

The goals of these on board training courses are:

  • To properly advise and train Masters / crews for the maritime security environment, variables, threats and risks.
  • To analyze proper maritime security planning, preparation and reporting.
  • To explain in detail the risk, how to mitigate it, graduated security levels and proper contingency planning.
  • To make crews familiar with all proper hardening measures, practices and procedures regarding vessel, crew and cargo protection, Citadel requirements / procedures and total security and defence.
  • To practice crews with action drills and necessary briefings / debriefings simulating real security threat situations and scenarios.
  • To build knowledge and confidence to the crews, in order to be able to properly secure their vessel in everyday operations, as a routine.

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