Vessels Armed & Unarmed Security

With the expansion of the phenomenon of piracy and the steadily increased danger of an attack from pirates, the maritime industry needs a dedicated and reliable partner to enhance its Maritime Security Awareness.

United Guards are in a position to offer maritime security services globally by providing leading specialists onboard vessels of all sizes for protection during their passage through High Risk Areas.

Our security personnel is fully qualified and specifically screened and selected on the basis of strict criteria. Rigid quality control mechanisms continuously ensure that our staff is suitable for employment; these include criminal background, records of medical, physical and mental fitness and law enforcement background checks.

All our men have previously served in Navy Seals, as well as Army and Police Special Forces, and are highly experienced and knowledgeable in providing effective protection to the vessels of our clients.

Once onboard, and in compliance with BMP4, our teams can provide advice regarding the reinforcement and installation of Ship Protection Measures (SPM) and train the crew to increase the defense capability of the vessel, under documented Standard Operational Procedures. Our teams have deep understanding of the rules governing the Use of Force, and have repeatedly demonstrated responsible management of weapons and ammunition.

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