Specialized Maritime Security Consultancy & Advisory

We offer consultancy and special advisory services to companies and organizations, to assess and evaluate all maritime security challenges, at local and regional level.

With our consultancy total solutions, from the detailed research to the strategic planning and effective operational actions needed, we recommend best practices for the following sectors:

  • Piracy and armed Robbery at Sea total defense
  • Detailed maritime security analysis / reports including among others:
    • Current situation updates for every region
    • Trends and outlook
    • Threat Assessment / Risk Assessment / Risk Mitigation
    • Suggest safest / cost effective routes
  • Effective solutions to counter:
    • IUU Fishing (Illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing)
    • Trafficking and Smuggling (Human, drugs, weapons etc)
  • Port | Shore Facilities & Infrastructure security
  • Cruise Ships security
  • Energy Offshore Installations | Facilities security
  • Counter Terrorism Operations in the Maritime environment

Our tailor made conceptual consultancy services, from a team of dedicated experts with proven expertise, are of unrivalled professionalism and will definitely meet each client’s needs and fulfill all requirements for each and every case in any complex environment.

No matter what the complexity may be, please feel free to contact us any time to find out the specific, effective consultancy solution you are looking for:

T: +30 210 422 6332   |   operations@unitedguards.org

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