UGS Weekly Digest 27 May – 01 Jun 2014

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Weekly Digest 02/06-08/06 By Ilias Papadopoulos Master in International Relations & Strategic Studies               This last week we had a major incident in maritime security, the hijack of Greek owned tanker MT Fair Artemis operated by Fairdeal S.A..             To take the events from the top, ‘Fair Artemis’ was operating in offshore Ghana waters on 04/06, with the last contact being made in 18:00 hrs. In 05/06 the vessel was declared as missing and a search for it was initiated. Subsequently an unnamed Ghanan official stated that the coast guard of Ghana received in 06/06 a distress signal from the vessel claiming that it was hijacked and looted 36nm in Togo national waters. Particularly the last clause should be … Continue reading


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In a press release by Dynacom Tankers Management, the managers of the ‘missing’, then confirmed hijacked tanker, Kerala, stated that the vessel and crew are safe, however, one crew member was wounded. A large amount of the oil cargo was stolen. Precise details of the hijack are sketchy and the Angola Navy comments about faking the hijack are not commented upon in this release, but it is considered that this particular incident has many questions to answer in view of the length of time the vessel was stated as missing. The statement is as follows: We are the Managers of the vessel “Kerala” (IMO No. 9390927) which was recently hijacked at Angola, Luanda Anchorage. We are relieved to advise that … Continue reading