Training Seminar on 27-28-29 August 2012

The 1st training seminar, held on 27-28-29 August 2012, at United Guards Services (UGS) Training Centre in Piraeus, was successfully completed and left positive impressions.

Participants had the opportunity to be informed and trained from experienced and qualified Instructors on issues relating to:

  1. Maritime piracy and the threat arising from that phenomenon up to date.
  2. Basic principles of classification and practices for tackling battlefield Trauma (Trauma-treatment).
  3. BMP-4 Procedures
  4. Standard Operational Procedures of UGS.
  5. Methods and practices shielding a vessel (Hardening).
  6. Rules for the Use of Force.
  7. Presentation and familiarization on safe use with AK-47 assault-rifle.
  8. Disassembling rifle until 2nd grade.
  9. Cleaning, visual inspection and maintenance of 2nd grade for AK-47 assault-rifle & ammunition.
  10. Navigation rules and the International regulations for preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS).
  11. Basic principles of RADAR functions.

One of UGS purposeā€™s is to develop a broad range of educational activities, while alerting and monitoring the international developments related to the phenomenon of maritime piracy as well as those arising from it.

This will include realization of multi-thematic and specialized training seminars, for which you will be kept informed from our website.

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