The Governments of the UK and Somalia co-hosted an international conference on Somalia on 7 May in the UK

The conference took place to provide international support for the Government of Somalia as they rebuild their country after two decades of conflict. At the Somalia Conference in London on 7 May, the international community came together to agree practical measures to support the Federal Government’s plans in three key areas – security, justice and public financial management.

In addition, the Federal Government presented its vision for the implementation of federalism, the adoption of a permanent constitution, and holding of elections. The conference also agreed to work together to tackle sexual violence in Somalia. During the conference, Somali Government ministers shared detailed plans for developing the country’s armed forces, police, justice sector and public financial management systems. The international community endorsed those plans and committed expertise and funding of over $300m to deliver them.

They also agreed to work together through joint funding mechanisms, with the Federal Government taking the lead on coordination. The conference welcomed the Government’s plans for national security architecture and for developing its armed forces, including the integration of militias. The Government is committed to ensuring that these security structures are accountable, inclusive, proportionate and sustainable; and respect a civilian chain of command, the rule of law, and human rights.

The international community agreed to support implementation of the Federal Government’s security plans, and to provide assistance which should be coordinated by the Federal Government. The conference also commended the Somalis and international partners for progress made in combating piracy over the last year including the efforts of Puntland and other regional or local governments and welcomed the Federal Government’s Maritime Resource and Security Strategy.

The international community expressed its determination to work with Somalia to eradicate piracy and other maritime crimes, and expressed support for the Federal Government’s ongoing efforts to establish internationally recognised Somali waters, as well as partners’ efforts to support the development of Somali maritime security capacities and to bring to justice those behind piracy.

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Source: UK GOVERNMENT – Foreign & Commonwealth Office

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