SOMALIA: Court judge assassinated in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (RBC) Unidentified gunmen have assassinated a well known Somali court judge in Mogadishu’s Huriwa neighborhood, RBC Radio reports.

Late Hassan Nur Mohamed who was a member of Somali well known judges and worked for the ministry of justice of the federal government of Somalia was killed near the Huriwa district market by men armed with pistols who have immediately escaped from the crime scene.

The police reached the area but nobody was arrested for the killing of the judge.

The Justice Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Abdullahi Abyan Nur has condemned the assassination and called for immediate arrest for the murderers.

The Minister said the judge was killed in the line of duty as he was heading to the district court office and police must apprehend the perpetrators soon.

“His assassination will not bring any impact on the work of the country’s justice system”, Minister Nur added.

Source: RBC Radio –

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