Piraeus, July 2013: UGS enhanced MARSEC Operational Refreshment Courses

Training and in fact continuous training is paramount for United Guards Services Ltd. There is a requirement to ensure that all our Security Operators receive at least one semi – annual update training on specific qualifications and operational procedures.

This also provides an opportunity to allow them to be updated on other tactical areas, such as pirates modus operandi and latest lessons learned – as well as those expected to in the near future – and ensures a greater level of conformity, commonality and operational understanding across all our highly qualified operators, Leaders and Members. UGS will always act as deemed necessary to keep its consultants ahead of what is happening within the operational area, so they remain competent for the task at hand. So they receive a specific, enhanced Maritime Security Operational Refreshment Course – basic and advanced – in UGS Training Centre in our Piraeus HQ, with all updates to standard operational procedures and common tactics.

The updates on HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) are also being briefed covering any security related activity, both to maritime and shore based travel, which includes risk assessment and analysis. A thorough examination is finally conducted on qualifications and maintaining the required high level status.

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